The family of JSG Hoffmann

Johanna FleischerAge: 68 years18381906

Johanna Fleischer
Given names
Birth June 3, 1838 23 25
Birth of a sisterMartha Maria (Maria) Fleischer
February 2, 1841 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a sisterAnna Christiane Fleischer
April 19, 1844 (Age 5 years)
Birth of a sisterMagdalena Fleischer
November 27, 1847 (Age 9 years)
Immigration December 6, 1848 (Age 10 years)
Birth of a sisterMaria Augusta Fleischer
July 31, 1853 (Age 15 years)
MarriageJohann Friedrich ElsholzView this family
July 13, 1855 (Age 17 years)
Death of a fatherJohann Fleischer
August 19, 1860 (Age 22 years)
Death of a husbandJohann Friedrich Elsholz
February 25, 1864 (Age 25 years)

Death of a sisterMaria Augusta Fleischer
June 12, 1892 (Age 54 years)
Address: Hd of Boucaut (near Clare?)
Death of a motherMaria Gude
April 6, 1898 (Age 59 years)

Residence 1903 (Age 64 years)
Death December 3, 1906 (Age 68 years)
Address: Rosedale (Lutheran) Trinity Churchyard (Rosedale is the name after nomenclature - Rosenthal prior)
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3 years
younger sister
3 years
younger sister
4 years
younger sister
6 years
younger sister
Maria Augusta Fleischer
Birth: July 31, 1853 38 40Adelaide, , South Australia, Australia
Death: June 12, 1892Boucaut, , South Australia, Australia
Family with Johann Friedrich Elsholz - View this family
Marriage: July 13, 1855Rosenthal, , South Australia, Australia


"Alfred" - Hamburg to Port Adelaide 1848 ship Alfred, 635 tons, Captain H.E. Decker, from Hamburg, Germany 20th August 1848, Rio de Janeiro 17th October, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 6th December 1848

South Australian Register Saturday 9th December 1848

Wednesday December 6th, 1848:- the ship Alfred, 635 tons, H.E. Deckrt, Master, from Hamburg. Passengers: Rev. Pastor Kranewiter and Klinkowstrom, Roman Catholic Priest; Doctor Sokolowsky, Surgeon. Frederick and Albert Seyler, Merchant (from Breslau) ; Theodor Treichmann and Lady (from Saxony), mining officer, Josephine Husse, Governess (from Berlin), and G. F. G. Fisher (from Altona) ; 501 / 2 Merchant in the cabin "The party from Silesia, forming the first page, is desirous of becoming tenants of the South Australian Company having sufficient means to purchase livestock and to pay for temporary buildings to commence farming. They wish, however, to pay for the land by instalments in fruits of the field. The party from Saxony on the next pages is similarly circumstanced, and both can be recommended by me as most respectable persons and most especially their leaders, (looks like) MICKERT from Liegnitz and (looks like) DEUTSCHER from Saxony. Signed Edward D."

Wednesday 6 December 1848

Thursday Morning, Ten O'Clock. THE "ALFRED" FROM GERMANY. The ship Alfred, 635 tons, H. E. Decker, commander, from Hamburgh 20th August, and Rio 17th October, arrived last evening, with 275 passengers, chiefly from Silisea and Saxony. Most of them are small farmers, who intend settling upon the lands of tthe South Australian Company. The Alfred brings no mail. This arrival, with those we announced yesterday, adds to our population more than 1100 souls, within thirty-six hours.

Saturday 9 December 1848

THE 'ALFRED' FROM GERMANY. The ship Alfred, 635 tons, H. E. Decker, commander, from Hamburgh 20th August, and Rio 17th October, arrived on Wednesday, with 275 passengers, chiefly from Silisea and Saxony. Most of them are small farmers, who intend settling upon the lands of the South Australian Company. The Alfred was chased by the Danish man-of-war Meander for eight hours, during which as many as eight shots were fired, but the chase escaped by superior sailing. The efforts of the pacificators were incessant, and certain conditions which had been approved by the Diet at Frankfort were forwarded to the Prussian Government for ratification. New levies of troops were stationed close to the boundaries of Jutland, ready to invade if the overtures happened to be rejected. In the meanwhile trade was brisk in Hamburg, and prices were looking up in consequence of the expectations entertained by many commercialists that the blockade would be renewed. The next ship laid on for Adelaide with emigrants, was the Steinwarder, to sail on the 25th August; and to be followed by the Godeffroy, also with emigrants ; and another vessel was said to be under engagement.

Wednesday, December 6 ? The ship Alfred, 635 tons, H.E. Decker, from Hamburg 20th August, and Rio de Janerio 17th October. Passengers ? Rev. Pastor Kranewiter, and Klinkowstrom, Roman Catholic Priests; Doctor Sokolowsky, Surgeon ; Frederick and Albert Seyler, merchants; Theodor Teichmann and lady, mining officer; Josephine Husse, governess; and G. F. G. Fisher, merchant; in the cabin. In the steerage ? Francis Weikert, H. Schwarz, Chas. Wm. Berger, John C. Kirshwer, John G. Poorman, Joseph Fluder, Charles Ubergang, John Kerntke, Charles Hoffman, John Klugue, Louis Krone, Godiove Arnold, Elizabeth Coone, Fredk. Kraushke, Fred. Ludwig, Godfred Bachmann, Charles E. Forster, Ferd. Schloper, Francis August Rangot, Wm. Beer, Wm. Swarz, George F. Shiremann, Samuel Beer, J. Godlfred Gotwald, C. Goolove Pilz, C. O. Semlitzky, Godifred Beer, Charles Henning, Gustavus Leshke, Godlove Kirckner, Augustus Fritsche, Godfried Geier, Antony Fisher. Chas. Hoffmann, Ernest F. Neumann, W. Neumann, F. Wm. Richter, A. Samulewsky, John Michael, W. Wiesener, F. Inns, A. Jantke, from Silesia. Max R Trew. F. Hera, John G. Scupin, George Bleymeyer, Fred. Wm Rice, Rudolph Cumme, F. Gogler, Wm. Graff, C. Butz, Theoder Meundeline, Ferdinand Todd, Julius White, Henry O. W. Strother, C. Rosenthal, Daniel Jarchow, Martin Schreiber, Alex. Phillipi, Fred Simon, A. Deutsher, P. A. Deutsher, John Fleischer, John Godfred Liebe, C. Godfred Batshel, Andreas Prisker, P. Prisker, Traugot Prisker, John E. Kaulvers, Andreas Albert, Christ. Batshell, T. Porshe, C. G. Winkleman, Sophia Heitshin. Jane Prisker, Maria Prisker, Jane Gudin, Anganata Heinzen, P. Hirman, J. A. H. Miller, Cath. Berens, W. E. von Gertner, C. Kronke, J. A. A. Haase, James Mackereth, H. C. Claussen, Urban Ungar, George Frisler, ? Frank, ? Pezbold, H. L. Voss, ? Stein, Fr. Aug. Lagenputsch, Fr. Helmke, Fr. Luhning, Chris. Aug. Jorgensen, J. H. Hansen, G. F. Reuter, Richard Mirow, Hermann Reiss, Lewis Levysohn, Theoder Nushke, Christian Batshell.